Ostomy Products

A core business for Focus Product Developments is the supply of custom designed life enhancing ostomy accessories.

Patients with bowel related stomas experience a poorer quality of life due to the contributing factors that accompany this condition. We feel that with just over 30,000 ostomates in the UK alone, this number is far too significant for the ostomates to suffer in silence. With a little research and innovation FPD have a complimentary range of ostomy accessories that will enhance a patient's quality of life by simply making the condition discrete and easier to manage.

Our current product portfolio of ostomy accessories, all of which are available in customised weights, pack sizes and artwork designs, includes:

Super Absorbent Powder Sachets purpose designed to solidfy waste making the disposal of the contents easier to manage.

Anti-Pancaking Gels designed specifically to aid ostomy bag opening and enhancing the bag's primary function.

Hydrocolloid Powders desgined and used to help maintain skin integrity and enhancing a patient's quality of life.

Deodorising drops desgined with the use of special enzymes to help control the odour of bag contents rather than simply masking it.