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Focus Product Developments Ltd work on a principle of developing innovations through listening to market needs. In 2011 those market needs were for 2 new Aderma products.

The new Large Heel was designed, as concerns arose that "one heel does not fit all". As a result the range now takes into consideration those patients who may differ in weight, those with underlying health issues - Lymphodema, and patients suffering from swelling / fluid build up of the ankle and foot area.

The new 20x20x1.2cm Square was designed specifically to prevent pressure ulcers from forming on the shoulders. Many patients undergoing Colorectal surgery were coming out of theatre with pressure ulcers on their shoulders due to the length of time and position during the operation. It has also been discussed that larger squares may be used as a covering for an operating table as well as a covering for a standard ward mattress.
Continuous Innovation
Education Forum
In 2011 the first ever educational forum meeting was held at the Focus Product Development offices, whereby 11 innovators in wound care and tissue viability came to discuss potential opportunities for education in pressure ulcers and Skin Integrity.
TVCS Major Study
Drug Tariff
Following the pilot study on Aderma in 2010 a major 30 patient study began in 2011 uncovering new depths with regard to the use of Aderma as a preventative pressure ulcer device.

The pilot and major study both incorporated the use of ultrasound technology to record the improvements of damaged tissue as a result of pressure beneath the skin's surface.
The entire Aderma range was granted drug tariff status as of 08/2011.

The range can be found on the Drug Tariff under Appliances / Low Friction Products, which is a new catagory specifically designed to house the Aderma range.
To read the major study CLICK HERE
Following the initial success of the educational literature and gathered information from the forum meeting, 2011 saw a series of developments in educational literature in the form of an interactive website, presentation, posters and guides.
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Smith & Nephew Acquisition
of Aderma
In January of 2012 the rights to Aderma were acquired by the UK subsidiary of Smith & Nephew with a view to giving the product the sales support, opportunities and recognition it truly deserves.