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In 2000 two self employed research and development consultants, Dr Craig Barson and Dr Rory Smith, identified a niche in the medical devices market.

That niche was the development of small scale product prototypes and / or quanities for clinical trials and small scale manufacturing ideal for initial market entry.

Initially Focus Product Developments Ltd was run as a consultancy business occupying 1200 sq ft of laboratory space. At present Focus Product Developments Ltd occupies a total of 10,000 sq ft in both office and manufacturing space.
Start Up
Spenco Healthcare International Ltd (SHIL) Partnership
Organic Growth
The first four years in operation were by far the toughest for Focus Product Developments Ltd.

 The business philiosophy concentrated on ethical and 'organic' growth, meaning money invested into the business was coming from profit and sales alone, and not at any period in time was money borrowed or invested from outside the company.

Taking this approach saw a slow but rewarding growth pattern and allowed the owners to develop a sound business platform.
After the initial start up Focus Product Developments Ltd were approached by Spenco Healthcare International Ltd with a view to enhancing the quality of their manufactured product to ISO Standards 9001 / 13485.

SHIL had a catalogue of back orders which required process development in manufacturing to bring them upto speed and above all manufacture to ISO Standards 9001:2008 and 13485:2012. At this point Focus Product Developments did not have a quality systems manual that complied with these standards and therefore began the registration process
ISO Standards 9001 / 13485 Certification
Focus Product Developments Ltd first registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and declared the classification of products they wished to manufacture.

Following this the quality systems manual was written to comply with ISO standards 9001 / 13485 due to the classication of products and was certified by AMTAC in December of 2004.
Product Development
2001 was the year in which Focus Product Developments Ltd developed both the Primskin range of products and the absorbent sachets.

In 2002 the company further enhanced their product portfolio with the development of hydrocollied powders and lubricating gels.
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