Product Development
A strong workforce of individuals with a variety of skills and expertise has enabled FPD to move dynamically for over 12 years in the design and development of medical devices. For external clients and own product innovations, FPD operates with a strong focus on creating more effective products, processes, services and technologies in the medical device market which will enhance patients' lives.
Product Design
Using a combined experience of 80 years in the medical device and design markets, Dr Craig Barson leads a team which is capable of handling most design problems. The experience means that, whilst working under strict confidentiality, a speedy, cost effective solution can be found for the client.
Clinical Evaluations
The company specialises in small scale production runs of medical devices. These small scale production runs have proved of high value to clients during the clinical evaluation and production "scale-up" of new products
Market Analysis
Market analysis is key for accessing market wants and needs and ensuring product innovations are desired. With over 30 years' experience in medical marketing, Kevin Ormond has the knowledge and skills required to address and access the all encompassing market analysis dimensions ensuring the attractiveness of device innovations
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