Focus Product Developments Ltd is a bespoke business specialising in the design and development of, innovative, life enhancing medical devices.

Founded in 2000 Focus Product Developments has rapidly risen to be recognised as a leading company capable of supporting both individuals and major corporations in their desire to innovate in the global medical device markets.

The company is proud to recognise its links in supporting its partners in the launch of major medical device brands and for over 15 years has operated as a consultancy, partnering small and large companies alike, as well as innovating in the market with its own product concepts and medical device innovations.

A combination of knowledge, experience and creative thinking

Focus Product Developments Ltd

Beech Knoll, School Lane, Norley, Cheshire, UK, WA6 6PB

Tel: +44 (0) 1422 893021                Email: sales@focuspd.com